Developer & Marketplace Program

Explara platform offers an unique opportunity to build new business or offer your existing solution to 10,000+ events and millions of consumers on Explara. You can make money and grow your business using Explara.

Explara offers 2 opportunities for the wider ecosystem
a. App Developers
b. Service providers

App Developers

Explara offers open access to APIs and offers integration to developers’ own apps or develop new apps for Explara platform.

1. How to get started for Apps Developers
If you have an Explara account, you have access our Developer API. You can integrate your existing application to ‘Login with Explara’, we support OAuth2 for easy and secure access to our APIs. Find more about Developer API here.It’s free.

2. Revenue Sharing
Currently, we are offering open access to our API, there is no fee/charge to access API. However, we retain the right to evaluate your app and discuss for revenue sharing where suitable. In future, we will be also launching a revenue sharing model for those application which we think critical /value added for Explara customers. We will showcase/promote these apps/services to our customers.

3. Hosting
You can host your app on your own domain and integrate with Explara via OAuth2. In case, you will like us to host it on Explara’s cloud infrastructure to validate the usefulness of your app, we are happy to host your app. Initially, we will not charge any fee for hosting your app. Depending upon the usage, we will transparently share the cost and offer you to relocate to your own hosting and/or pay us for the cost to host with us.

Service Providers

Explara offers a lead generation program for service provides such as venue owners/agencies/ websites, event management companies, and event service suppliers. We don’t charge any fee for sharing the leads.

Terms of service:

We retain the rights to approve, deny access to our API if it violates our terms of service and/or conflict with our business model. We are not liable for any losses due to the performance of your service via our API. We retain the right to change our program to continue to offer it as free and/or paid.